Potato harvesting at The Good Life.

The season is slowly changing from summer to early autumn. This is something that I, personally, am not complaining about. I am generally not a fan of summer and this year has been particularly hot. I love the refreshing season of autumn which follows though, with its bright colours, earthy smells and the sense of gathering in. This brings us to the topic of my latest blog post – potato harvesting.

We tried growing potatoes last year. This is an example of last year’s crop. Basically, potato chips!

Despite the disappointment and the fact that potatoes guzzle water, we gave it another go this year. The first time we just used an old potato that had started to sprout. This time we used a proper seed potato. We grew them in a biodegradable potato bag.

This year’s potato crop grew into big, healthy plants and flowered.

We waited a little later in the year before digging them up. Last year we dug them out in late August. This year we waited until early September. By this time the entire plant looked dead including the leaves, not just the flowers.

The end result – an abundance of new potatoes!

So if you want any advice on growing potatoes, personally I’d recommend seed potatoes! Also wait until the whole plant is wilted.

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