About Notes on Gaia

Notes on Gaia (also called Gaia activism) is an environmental blog with a earth-based spirituality ethos. Notes on Gaia is a personal blog as I learn how to assist with Mother Earth’s healing. It covers current issues, campaigns, personal permaculture projects and reflections. I also hope to inspire others to become proactive on environmental issues or simply become more aware of our relationship with nature!

About R. Amor

I (R. Amor) am a Wiccan/ Deist/ Nature mystic (any of these fit the picture!) From a young age I’ve had the sense that nature is a living, breathing, conscious entity, imbued with divine spirit. I also believe that, if I believe nature is the manifestation of the divine, I have a duty to take care of it. I began my activist career at the age of fifteen, when I wrote to my MP on the subject of electric-shock dog collars. Since then I’ve been involved with numerous campaigns from badger culling to the Climate and ecological emergency bill. Environmental activism is a core part of my spiritual practice. I’ve studied natural magic under a local practitioner and have been involved with Starhawk’s organisation, Earth Activists.