About Notes on Gaia

Notes on Gaia (also called Gaia activism) is an environmental blog with a pagan ethos. It covers a wide range of environmental topics, including spiritual activism, pagan philosophy and practical conservation tips, all written from a pagan perspective. Notes on Gaia is partly a personal blog as I walk the old ways and learn how to assist with Mother Earth’s healing. I also hope to inspire other pagans to become proactive on environmental issues, whether it’s changing your everyday habits to protect rivers, signing petitions to prevent the Amazon rainforest from being deforested or simply becoming more aware of our relationship with nature! For action alerts, images and more you can also follow it on Facebook or Twitter.

About R. Amor

I (R. Amor) am a Witch/ Wiccan/ Deist/ Nature mystic (any of these fit the picture!) From a young age I’ve had the sense that nature is a living, breathing, conscious entity, imbued with divine spirit. I also believe that, if I believe nature is the manifestation of the divine, I have a duty to take care of it. I began my environmental activist career at the age of fifteen, before I became a witch, when I first wrote to my MP on the subject of electric-shock dog collars. Since then I’ve been involved with numerous campaigns from badger culling to the Climate and ecological emergency bill. Environmental activism is a core part of my spiritual practice. I’ve studied natural magic under a local practitioner and am currently a member of Starhawk’s Magical activism wheel of the year community circle.