Illusions and truths; Reflections on our media age

On the 4th of September 2020, protesters across the U.K. the U.S.A, and Australia blockaded the printing works of major news corporations, preventing the lorries from delivering the Sunday papers. The newspaper corporations that were blockaded are owned by just five individual people, all billionaires, principally the billionaire Rupert Murdoch. The court case which is… Continue reading Illusions and truths; Reflections on our media age

The qwerty keyboard is mightier than the nuclear bomb PT I Confessions of a digital activist

Most people are familiar with the street protestor: an image springs to mind of a stridently chanting group beneath a large, slogan bearing banner. Possibly less familiar is another form of activist: the digital activist. Digital activists also bear slogans but, instead, they post them as graphics on social media along with a plethora of… Continue reading The qwerty keyboard is mightier than the nuclear bomb PT I Confessions of a digital activist

Ten fascinating kangaroo facts from Downunder

I've recently been doing something unusual for me: watching television. The television series I've been watching is called Kangaroo Dundee. You might already have heard of it as it was fairly popular when it was broadcast, although the first time it was broadcast was some time ago. It follows Brolga, a kangaroo joey fosterer. He… Continue reading Ten fascinating kangaroo facts from Downunder

Starhawk’s magical activism series 2021

"To bring about positive change, we must first be able to imagine it."Starhawk For the past year I've been taking part in a series of magical activism workshops, hosted by the American Witch Starhawk. The workshops have a ritual style framework and consist of part talk, part exercises. These exercises include chanting, grounding, visualisations, spell… Continue reading Starhawk’s magical activism series 2021

On the subject of magic

Once upon a time, when the Sun King was a young prince, a ring of gas and dust gradually formed itself into a small, blue dot. In alkaline vents, deep beneath the surface of the oceans that made up seventy percent of this blue dot, a miracle began to stir. A magical, mysterious process began… Continue reading On the subject of magic

Butterflies and daisies

At the beginning of this year I'd decided to build a pond to boost the biodiversity of wildlife in my back garden. With the use of the low nutrient soil that was dug out during the making of said pond I also decided to create a 'wildflower patch'. Thus, for a few weeks in high… Continue reading Butterflies and daisies

Environmenstrual week 2020; images of the triple goddess

Environmenstrual week is an annual festival, organised by the Women's environmental network (WEN), to campaign for and raise awareness of the effect period products are having on our planet. It's also a time when they attempt to break the taboo around periods by teaching period health and campaign for healthy, eco-friendly period products for all.… Continue reading Environmenstrual week 2020; images of the triple goddess

Nature is alive!

From a young age I've had the sense that it's not only my own species, Homo Sapiens, that are the only conscious beings on this planet. I've never understood why we often seem to see ourselves as so separate from the rest of the animal kingdom. After all we're just a bundle of atoms, nerves,… Continue reading Nature is alive!