Use minimum effort for maximum effect.

I've nearly finished reading the book, Permaculture: a beginner's guide by Graham Burnett. This is a 64 pages, introductory graphic guide which has only taken me around seven months to read! Permaculture is basically an acronym meaning 'permanent culture' It's caused me to start thinking about what permanent culture, as someone with a chronic health… Continue reading Use minimum effort for maximum effect.

On the subject of magic

Once upon a time, when the Sun King was a young prince, a ring of gas and dust gradually formed itself into a small, blue dot. In alkaline vents, deep beneath the surface of the oceans that made up seventy percent of this blue dot, a miracle began to stir. A magical, mysterious process began… Continue reading On the subject of magic

Nature is alive!

From a young age I've had the sense that it's not only my own species, Homo Sapiens, that are the only conscious beings on this planet. I've never understood why we often seem to see ourselves as so separate from the rest of the animal kingdom. After all we're just a bundle of atoms, nerves,… Continue reading Nature is alive!